$150 gift idea

However, another difficulty arises: how do you find, among the large variety on display on store shelves, a gift that will delight the person you are buying the present for, albeit on their birthday, at Christmas or any other holiday? We offer several $ 150 gift ideas for any occasion.


Features of wooden puzzles

     All the puzzles from our online store catalog are made of wood. Their packaging is also made of natural wood which is environmentally friendly, with a wood texture, that makes these puzzles a premium gift. Collecting these wooden puzzles, you can get original signature painting wall panels that can decorate any room.

     In addition, the assortment includes three-dimensional figures, which are also made of wood, and unique wall maps of the world and individual continents and countries. They are made of precious woods and, after mounting on the wall, make a unique decoration of a room or study. The receiver of such presents will certainly appreciate and remember their gift.


How to choose a good gift

     When choosing a present, you should focus on several parameters. These are the age and gender of the receiver, the degree of closeness of your relationship with them and their profession and hobbies. Of course, a gift for a colleague will be radically different from a present for a mother. Here are several $150 gift ideas to help you make the right choice:

  • For a man: a picnic set, a test drive of a dream car, a leather briefcase, computer accessories, a whiskey set, a mini-bar, a home bio-fireplace.
  • For a woman: jewelry or a set of stylish jewelry, a hot air balloon flight, kitchen gadgets, a spa subscription, a gift certificate to a cosmetics store, a set of stylish dishes.
  • For a child: a home air hockey game, a new smartphone, a modern bicycle, the latest game console, a virtual reality helmet, a video camera.

     In addition to each of these and any other $ 150 gift idea, there are board games that will help strengthen relationships, develop ingenuity and logic if you play them together. Among such games, for example, are wooden puzzles from our catalog which are made of natural wood, non-toxic, beautiful and very durable.