Activities to do with disabled children

However, this does not mean that they are absent at all: there are many developmental techniques that allow children with disabilities to adapt to an independent life as much as possible. Our selection below includes several activities to do with disabled children, which will not only stop them getting bored, but also will help develop the child's skills.

Features of our puzzles

     All our jigsaw puzzles are made of natural wood, which is environmentally friendly, does not cause allergies and does not harm the child. The details are very smooth, pleasant to the touch, the child will be pleased to play with them, looking for the correct place for each element.

     We offer a wide variety of collections. For children with disabilities, we recommend choosing sets with a small number of large parts, the assembly of which the child will be able to handle. Our consultants will answer any questions and help you choose the best activities to do with disabled children for their development and can help with the organization of joint leisure activities with mom or dad.

Games for children with special needs

     Specialists should select activities for disabled children that will help them adapt and at the same time, prove to be feasible. But there are several games that have been tested many times; the effectiveness of which has been proven by more than one generation of moms. Among such Activities to do with disabled children, for example:

  • Frames - inserts.
  • Pyramids of different difficulty levels.
  • Lacing.
  • Large mosaics.
  • Cubes.
  • Magnetic games.
  • Clothespins.

     All these games develop fine motor skills, teach the child attentiveness and the ability to concentrate on what they are doing. It is important that the games are calm: the child will not become over excited and they will diligently do something that they like. Activities to do with disabled children, suitable for toddlers with disabilities, include wooden puzzles.