Activities to do with grand children

About puzzles from our collection

     The main feature of volumetric puzzles is that they can be used to assemble figures in 3D format, which can then be placed on a shelf in a collection or used for games. These can be animals, dinosaurs, machinery or buildings. They differ from traditional cardboard puzzles in other ways:

  • The details are large in width, height and length.
  • The material is natural wood, it is strong and durable, the puzzle can be assembled and disassembled several times.
  • All parts are environmentally friendly, without toxic impurities, and can be used by allergy sufferers.

     The puzzles are produced for kids of different ages, as they come in differing levels of difficulty; from very simple ones for the smallest child to puzzles with a lot of details designed for school children. The assembly of figures or 3D paintings that can become decorative wall panels is a great idea for an ​​activity for grandparents to do together with their grandchildren.

Not all activities a child enjoys are suitable grandparents, for example, some types of physical activity will have to be avoided. But there are many other activities that both older family members and children will gladly take part in.

Activity Ideas with Grandparents

     If, on vacation or on weekends, grandchildren come to visit their grandparents, the question arises not only of what to feed them, but also what to do to entertain them. We offer several activity suggestions of things to do with grandchildren; ideas that will appeal to representatives of both generations:

  • Exploring the genealogical family tree on a sheet of paper.
  • Modern video games.
  • Create frames for family photos.
  • Sewing puppets and staging a performance for a puppet theater.
  • Writing stories.
  • Joint baking of pies and cookies.

     All these activities with grandchildren not only allow the children not to get bored, but also strengthen the bond between generations, generate trust and make the relationship between grandmothers and grandchildren closer. Another activity that is suitable for spending time together is assembling wooden puzzles.