Activities to do with nursery (preschool) children

The situation gets even more complicated if the child gets ill and does not go to the kindergarten, or is being fussy. Then it’s up to the parents to entertain them. However, if you approach this with creativity, you can come up with many interesting activities for your toddler. We offer you a list of some interesting activities to do with nursery children, which they are guaranteed to like.

Features of puzzles

     These are amazing games that develop a sense of beauty, imagination and logic. The premium wooden packaging makes them an exclusive gift. The result of the finished assembly may be a 3D artist painting, figures of cars or motorcycles or wall maps, depending on the set you chose. The features of puzzles are:

  • All parts are made from environmentally friendly dense fiberboard.
  • Long service life.
  • Safe and hypoallergenic.
  • Unique artistic design.
  • Large selection of choice with different designs.

     These wooden puzzles can be used to assemble unique wall panels that will surely become a favorite decoration in a children's room. The very process of assembling them is creative, uniting the family and not letting the child get bored.

Ideas for leisure activities with your child

     Even if your child is staying at home due to an illness, you can still make it less boring for them if you engage in some fun educational activities. Here are some ideas for what to do with your child at home:

  • Arrange a food or drink tasting with eyes closed.
  • Shoot and edit a video.
  • Learn to weave baskets.
  • Create an orchestra from non-standard musical instruments.
  • Sing karaoke.
  • Write in a personal diary.
  • Build a hut or a tent at home.
  • Do a shadow theater evening.
  • Draw portraits of your family members.

     Another great idea for useful leisure time with your kid is to spend time playing board games, for example, assembling wooden puzzles that we sell in our store. Our catalog contains many sets – from very simple ones for small kids to complex ones for adults, such as the 3D shapes and images.