Adults wooden puzzle
12.02.2022 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

     Jigsaw puzzles can be much more than a fun activity for children. They can also be a stimulating but demanding pastime that requires careful effort and attention. We offer a wide variety of complex jigsaw puzzles for adults that will require a bit of time and ingenuity. Puzzle building is an exciting activity for the whole family, and will particularly appeal to anyone who loves the thrill of a challenge.

Puzzle Features

     The puzzles we offer for adults are much more complex than our children’s models. They are also made of wood, which has several benefits:

  • Environmental friendliness - there are no harmful substances in any of the puzzle's materials;
  • A rich, natural texture that lends a sense of elegance;
  • The puzzles are all hypoallergenic;
  • The puzzles are durable and have a long shelf life. The models can be disassembled and reassembled many, many times without breaking or fading;

     The sets are packed in beautiful boxes that are also made of natural, eco-friendly wood. Our puzzles are the perfect option for anyone looking to give a gift that is original, entertaining, and stimulates the brain.

Challenging Puzzles

     Just how difficult are our puzzles for adults? We created our own category of “Adult” puzzles for several reasons:

  • The puzzles are complex and contain a lot of nuances that are not easy to simply assemble piece by piece;
  • These puzzles take longer to put together because they have many more pieces;
  • Every piece has an atypical shape, so you have to be both clever and patient to find where each piece belongs;

     These jigsaw puzzles have been classified as “for adults” due to their advanced difficulty. However, older children and teenagers can absolutely take part in the puzzle building fun! This is not only a great way to spend family time; it's also a pastime that develops logic, perseverance and patience in brains of all ages.

     We offer complex jigsaw puzzles in practically all of our collections. If you are specifically looking for a puzzle that will push your creativity and problem-solving abilities, contact our managers on our online store. They will be happy to share the most interesting and original puzzles in our stock, which will present an engaging challenge, even for pro puzzlers.