Children wooden puzzle
12.12.2022 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

     Puzzles were originally designed as a game for children. Obviously, adults can enjoy puzzle building as well, but the first puzzles were created to help children develop spatial logic through a safe and fun activity. It is no coincidence, then, that our store features many sets designed for children, which we have combined into our “Children” puzzle series.

Features of Our Wooden Puzzles

     All of the puzzles in our online store, including our children's puzzles , are made of natural wood - an environmentally friendly material that contains no harmful impurities. It is common knowledge that natural wood is one of the safest materials for children’s toys because it does not trigger allergies. In addition, the durability of the wood means that our puzzles will last for years to come.

     All of our children’s puzzles are packed in beautiful wooden boxes, which makes them an excellent gift for any single child or a group of children at a kindergarten or elementary school. Puzzles are an educational and stimulating gift for kids who are fond of a hands-on approach to solving problems.

     What's more - our puzzles produce a 3D model that can be played with like any other toy. They look right at home as a part of any child's arts and crafts collection, decorating a bookshelf, or among the ranks of a child's favorite toys.

Puzzles for Kids

     While simplicity is a feature trait of this collection, that doesn’t mean that building these puzzles is effortless. Any kid who wants to tackle these puzzles will have to think, find the correct orientation for every piece, form a general picture in the mind, and be patient. Having an adult nearby to guide them is also a great way to enhance their learning. That said, all of the puzzles from this series were designed with children in mind and feature:

  • Large, clearly defined, and recognizable 3D models;
  • Large pieces from which the model is assembled;
  • A small number of pieces so that your little one doesn’t become overwhelmed;

     Puzzles also offer engaging and unique ways to learn other fundamentals. For example, our collection includes the “Alphabet” series that is meant to help young children with their letters and sounds. You can also help your child learn the names of animals and birds, colors, and spatial logic by joining them in this classic pastime. All of this makes puzzle building into a fun activity that's great for your child’s physical and mental development.

     Our children’s puzzles are designed for children of different age ranges. The collection includes sets for kids who are still learning their letters and numbers, as well as puzzles for older, kindergarten-age children. Our consultants will be happy to help you find a set that best suits the age and interests of your child.