Things to do with your children
11.02.2022 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

     "Our kid spends all their free time playing computer games", "They are not interested in anything!" - such complaints from parents today, in the age of high technologies, are quite common. You can prohibit a child from using a computer or allow them to use it by the hour — or you can offer alternative things to do that will attract children no less than online games. Things to do with your children: we suggest several ideas.

What to do with children

     Psychologists say that forbidding children to do what they like is a bad idea. This will only cause aggression and a desire to resist. A much sounder solution is offer an alternative, instead of a blunt prohibition. Offer your child other activities than computer games, engage in them together — and you will see that very soon your kid will prefer not the Internet, but to spend time with you playing some game. Things to do with your children: we suggest several ideas.

  • Put on a puppet show. This is not an easy task: you need to come up with a plot, sew dolls for it, hold several rehearsals, prepare a screen — but the result in the form of audience delight is worth it!
  • Another performance, easier to prepare, but no less impressive — a shadow theater.
  • Make a wall newspaper on any topic dedicated to news of the family.
  • Compose a fairy tale and "publish" it: prepare a book by connecting sheets of paper with a thread or stapler, write a text, draw illustrations.
  • Arrange an orchestra of improvised instruments — pots, spoons and other utensils.
  • Come up with your own secret language — for example, sign language, which only family members will understand.

     Do not forget that there are many ready-made solutions for Things to do with your children — for example, board games. They do not require such a long preparation as the listed ideas, but they cause constant delight in children. One of such games is familiar to everyone, but at the same time unusual puzzles.

Features of wooden puzzles

     Puzzles are one of the most popular board games that adults can play together with their children. They develop logic, perseverance, intelligence and many other skills. We offer not your ordinary puzzles, but puzzles made of natural wood. All the details in them are strong, durable and absolutely safe for children. We have several collections on our website, including:

  • Animals and birds.
  • Motorcycles and cars
  • Maps of world countries.

     Wooden puzzles are one of great Things to do with your children, because their assembling can be turned into a family thing that unites you and allows all your family members to spend time together, doing an exciting and useful activity.