Vermont Wooden Puzzple
12.09.2022 | QUORDLE PUZZLES |

     Vermont is one of the most beautiful regions in the United States, known for beautiful landscapes, deep valleys, cozy houses and idyllic rural charm. Our “Vermont” puzzles, from which you can assemble a map of the state that can be mounted on your wall, make an excellent gift for anyone who has been to the US or is planning a trip there.

Puzzle Features

     Wooden puzzles are not at all like cardboard ones. They can be assembled to reveal beautifully textured images or models that have the potential to become the core of any home arts and crafts collection. Our “Vermont” puzzle is also an accurate map of the region with a variety of detail and traditional geographic markings. A bit more on our wooden puzzles:

  • our puzzles contain no harmful substances or additives;
  • our maps feature all the remarkable texturing found in natural wood, and therefore make for beautiful decorations;
  • Each puzzle has a long shelf life, and the finished map will look like it’s still fresh out of the box for years to come;

     We sell all of our sets in stylish wood boxes. This little piece of exclusivity turns our puzzles into an elegantly wrapped gift that can be respectfully presented to not only to relatives or friends, but also to a supervisor, clients, or business partners.

"Vermont” Puzzle

     All of the puzzles in our “Maps” series include components that can help you turn your map into an original and captivating addition to any interior space. The set includes a cardboard base on which the pieces can be affixed, as well as stickers to help hold everything in place during assembly.

     However, “Vermont” is far from the only destination in our “Maps” series. You can find sets for assembling maps of entire countries, individual continents, or regions in our catalog. We also offer world maps made from precious woods, which make wonderful decor for any home or office space. Finally, we have thematic sets available in a range of difficulty levels for both children and adults. Our thematic sets include dinosaurs, buildings, birds, flowers, trees and much more.

     Each set contains instructions detailing the puzzle building process. Our web site also has videos that demonstrate how to assemble our puzzles, which will help even first-timers quickly master the basic principles of puzzle building. Give our puzzles a try - we’re confident that you will find this classic pastime to be interesting, stimulating, and enjoyable.