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Our sales rep will immediately get in touch to finalise the onboarding.

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Fill up the application form.

Our sales rep will immediately get in touch to finalise the onboarding.

You will receive an email to complete your first order with us!

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Corporate gift? Employee Benefits? Team memorabilia? Family gift? Teaching supplies?

We can all fit in perfectly. Lower order starting point, buy 100+ sets and enjoy wholesale price.
Want to be a reseller, want to sell in a brick-and-mortar store or website?
OK, you only need to order more than 100 sets to qualify for reseller and sell immediately without any additional cost.
Quordlepuzzles sales channels cover physical stores, websites and other channels, covering more than 30 countries, 500,000 people, and the cumulative sales volume exceeds one million. Popular and well-reviewed.
Of course, the more you need, the better price we'll give you.

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We Wooden Puzzles For


We’ve made the brain-teasing thrill of jigsaws even more exciting and irresistible with our range of truly unique wooden puzzles. Each one of our cut designs is individually drawn by hand. Many of them don’t have the same piece twice; they often don’t contain corner pieces and they also include straight-edged pieces in the middle of the puzzle.


Cutting edge laser technology ensures our intricate wooden puzzle pieces fit together perfectly. The laser cutting works with the wood to form the cleanest cut puzzle pieces, free from dust and impurities, and with the most snug, satisfying fit when the puzzles are pieced into place. – something much harder to come across with cardboard puzzles! shop.


At Quordlepuzzles, we’re at the frontier of cutting-edge jigsaw-making technology. We use state-of-the-art precision lasers and high-quality printing to produce the finest wooden jigsaw puzzles, free of dust and impurities. Each of our hand-drawn cut designs is individually programmed into our lasers using specialised software and finely tuned to guarantee the best possible cut.


Make your own wooden jigsaw puzzle from a treasured photo or illustration. Our personalised puzzles make great gifts and keepsakes for families to remember wonderful occasions or of their favourite relatives having a wonderful time or even of their treasured family dog or cat. With many different personalised and custom products, you are sure to find the perfect jigsaw gift for your puzzler.


At quordlepuzzles, customer satisfaction is always our top priority.Our dedicated Quality Control and Quality Assurance Teams will inspect your items prior to shipping. Our product quality is guaranteed. you are less than delighted with your puzzle,you can return it within 14 days for a full refund.

About Us

At QuordlePuzzles, we do the hard work so you don’t have to. We source our own quality materials, handcraft every piece, and sell to you directly at a fair price. This means, no 10x markup or even third-party sources. We are involved with every step of the process, from designing, all the way packing your precious puzzles and ship them to you. We are committed to delivering premium quality puzzles at a price you’ve never seen before. Please contact us and we will attend to you in no time!

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